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First Evangelical Presbyterian Church

Welcome to First Evangelical Presbyterian

Church, a congregation committed

offering a Christ-centered witness in word

and work here in Humboldt, the

surrounding communities and far beyond!

We live in an amazing time.  We are seeing Biblical prophecy being fulfilled daily.  While we face many hardships in the world such as catastraphic events of nature and economical woes, the church has yet to see her finest hours.  As the world continues to experience chaos, God Speaks "Shalom" (Peace) to His children.  He is in complete control.  He is Sovereign and He has told us what to expect.  He has called us to be prepared.  In all matters we are to "Give God Glory."  That is what we are about here at First Evangelical Presbyterian Church.  We are to be a light on this hill.  As we give God the glory due Him, we shine as stars leading others to Him. 
    Come and grow with us.
Come and Shine For Him. 



First Evangelical Presbyterian Church
1528 Presbyterian Drive
Humboldt, TN 38343

 (731) 784-9783